Class Schedule

We are extremely excited to partner with Centric Power Fitness (CPF) and Kettlebella to offer a wide range of fun and effective fitness classes for all levels!

Rates are detailed below and apply to all classes.  Please contact Ryan to reserve your spot.  Descriptions of all classes are featured at the bottom of this page.


  • 1st class is Free!
  • 1 for $20
  • 4 for $59
  • 8 for $105

Monthly Memberships

3 month minimum.  6 months – 10% discount.  12 months – 20% discount.

  • 1 class/week for $49
  • 2 classes/week for $85
  • Unlimited classes $105

Weekly Schedule:


  • 6am Power (CPF)
  • 915am Power (CPF)
  • 530pm LbF 101 (Laurie)
  • 630pm Kettlebell Conditioning (Ryan)


  • 6am Power (CPF)
  • 7am Power (CPF)
  • 10am Kettlebell Conditioning (Ryan)
  • 130pm Power (CPF)
  • 630pm Adventure Race Training (Ryan)


  • 6am Power (CPF)
  • 915am Power (CPF)
  • 530pm Beginner Kettlebell (Kettlebella)
  • 630pm Kettlebell Conditioning (Kettlebella)


  • 6am Power (CPF)
  • 7am Power (CPF)
  • 10am Kettlebell Conditioning (Ryan)
  • 130pm Power (CPF)
  • 630pm Adventure Race Training (Ryan)


  • 6am Power (CPF)
  • 915am Power (CPF)


  • 8am Power (CPF)
  • 830am LbF 101 (Ryan)
  • 930am Adventure Race Training (Most likely outdoors with Ryan)
  • 1030am Kettlebell Conditioning (Ryan)

Adventure Race Training (Ryan)

  • Tuesdays 630pm
  • Thursdays 630pm
  • Saturdays 930am (outside so dress appropriately and plan to get a little dirty!)

Get ready for your next Tough Mudder, Bold r Dash, Warrior Dash, Spartan Race, etc by practicing the skills you’ll need on our event-specific obstacles and equipment!  These classes are so much fun that they fly by and barely feel like a workout…until the next day!

Beginner Kettlebell (Kettlebella)

  • Wednesdays 530pm

Learn how to move arguably the single greatest and most versatile piece of fitness equipment!  60 minute classes will cover the fundamentals (deadlifts, swings, cleans, presses, goblet squats, etc).  We’ll spend extra time on technique instruction but will always leave plenty of time for a fun and challenging total body workout!

Kettlebell Conditioning (Ryan/Kettlebella)

  • Mondays 630pm
  • Tuesdays 10am
  • Wednesdays 630pm
  • Thursdays 10am
  • Saturdays 1030am

Our popular kettlebell-themed class features all the classic kettlebell moves but also utilizes our unique and challenging equipment for a mean total body diverse workout!  Knowledge of the basic kettlebell moves (swings, cleans, deadlifts, press) is required to take this class.

KB Class

Here’s a clip of the LbF Real Deal Kettlebell Complex from Fleser Fitness!

LbF 101 (Ryan/Laurie)

  • Mondays 530pm
  • Saturdays 830am

An introduction to the LbF experience!  This class is perfect for the beginner or the veteran who wants to refine their technique!  We’ll spend the first half working on MovNat skills and the second half will feature kettlebell training, a hybrid circuit, and some yoga to cool us down!

Power (CPF)

High Intensity, Full Body Exercise incorporating weight and body weight.

Tough Mudder Training

18 Weeks of Hills and Obstacles Get You Ready for 

Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet!

Join Los Neuty Osos at Tough Mudder New England Sunday 6/1/14

Thursdays 12:00pm (1/30/14 – 5/29/14)

Sundays 9:30am (1/26/14 – 5/25/14)

1 workout/week – $285 (includes t-shirt)
2 workouts/week – $465 (includes t-shirt)

Special Rates for Current Osos:
1 workout/week – $235
2 workouts/week – $395


These epic workouts get our clients ready for probably the toughest event on the planet!  We meet for 1-2 hours at Neutaconkanut Hill Park in Providence where we hit the hills at various intensities, work efficient uphill and downhill running technique, practice balancing, scaling walls, carrying logs, and much more!  You don’t have to currently be a badass to take these classes, just willing to become one!

TM NE 2013 Finish

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