Class Schedule


  • Monthly Warrior
    • 2 classes/week  – $99/month
  • Monthly Beast
    • Unlimited classes including Tough Mudder and Mobile Skills – $129/month


  • Drop-in  $20
  • 8 pack  $120
  • 16 pack $200

Weekly Schedule

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  • 6pm Sand Dunes – Ryan, The Dunes (meet at Park & Ride by 5:55)
  • 630pm Repair and Restore Yoga – Jayme, inside


  • 10am Kettlebell Conditioning* – Ryan, inside
  • 530pm ViPR – Ryan, inside
  • 630pm OCR Skills – Chris, inside (bring gear for outside obstacles)


  • 530pm Advanced Ninja Skills – Ryan, inside (must be able to do 5 pullups)
  • 630pm Kettlebell – Kettlebella, inside


  • 10am ViPR – Ryan, inside
  • 1pm Tough Mudder – Ryan, outside
  • 530pm Natural Movement – Ryan, inside
  • 630pm OCR Skills- Courtney/Kristan, inside (bring gear for outside obstacles)



  • 930am OCR Skills – Kristan, outside (meet at studio first)
  • 1030am Kettlebell Conditioning* – Ryan, inside the studio
  • 1pm Mobile Skills Series – Ryan, outside at various locations


  • 930am Tough Mudder – Ryan, outside at various locations

*Must have previous experience with kettlebells or take a private, 1 hour orientation.  Please contact Ryan to schedule orientation.

**Part of an 8 week program.  Please contact Ryan for more information.

Advanced Ninja Skills

  • Wednesdays 530pm

This class is for the monkeys and beasts!  We train skills and apply them in our own Ninja Warrior courses that feature: salmon ladder, peg board, flying nunchucks, unstable bridges, towers, ring toss, rope swings, traverses of all materials, warped wall simulator, jumping bars, and more!  Come play with us and join our team for next season!

OCR Skills

  • Tuesdays 630pm
  • Thursdays 630pm
  • Saturdays 930am (outside so dress appropriately and plan to get a little dirty!)

Get ready for your next Tough Mudder, Bold r Dash, Warrior Dash, Spartan Race, etc by practicing the skills you’ll need on our event-specific obstacles and equipment!  These classes are so much fun that they fly by and barely feel like a workout…until the next day!


  • Tuesdays 10am
  • Wednesdays 630pm
  • Saturdays 1030am

Our popular kettlebell-themed class features all the classic kettlebell moves but also utilizes our unique and challenging equipment for a mean total body diverse workout!  Knowledge of the basic kettlebell moves (swings, cleans, deadlifts, press) is required to take this class.


Swinging Away!

Natural Movement

  • Thursdays 530pm

Hopefully you’ve heard of MovNat by now! This program will focus on practicing our lifting, carrying, crawling, climbing, jumping, balancing, running, and tumbling skills!  

Playing a Little Rockin Shoulder Tag!

Playing a Little Rockin Shoulder Tag!

Ninja Essentials

All levels!  We cover basic climbing, jumping/vaulting, and tumbling techniques to build strength and skills for our ninja obstacles!  This is perfect for all levels to build a ninja foundation or hone their techniques for our badass Wednesday class!

OCR Essentials

All levels!  We cover basic crawling, lifting/carrying, jumping, climbing, and balancing techniques to build strength and skills for our OCR obstacles!  This is perfect for all levels who plan to dominate events such as Tough Mudder, Spartan, BoldrDash, Tuff Scramblers, Battlefrog, etc.! 

Repair and Restore Yoga

  • Mondays 630pm

All levels!  This class is designed to ignite curiosity and explore the anatomy of habitual movement patterns by unraveling and breathing into the “tweaky” areas of the body.  Each class uses slow, methodical movements and deep breathing to invite you back into your body. The class leaves you feeling refreshed, grounded and ready for a great night’s sleep!


  • Tuesdays 530pm
  • Thursdays 10am

All levels!  ViPR stands for Vitality + Performance + Reconditioning.  This class starts with awesome full-body stretches, mixes in some fun and playful movements, and ends with serious conditioning!  It’s an amazing tool that you don’t see used around here much yet, but will soon be a household name!  

Tough Mudder Training

TM Summer 2015 - rev



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