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Officially MovNat Certified – 2nd Edition!

Way back in August of 2013 I wrote about my experience becoming a MovNat certified trainer.  It was an awesome weekend in Boston and I was excited to implement the new skills I’d learned into our classes and sessions at the Studio/Neuty/etc.  Fast forward almost 2 years, lots of practice, a couple thousand miles…and there I was in New Mexico learning from Erwan and Vic for my Level 2 certification!  I am even more inspired now!  In fact, the more I learn about the MovNat system, the more I’m convinced that it is the absolute best investment of time when it comes to our physical competence.  Here is the recap of the 3 days of schooling, as well as a couple days of relaxation in the Southwest in April:

Day 1 was extremely humbling!  I thought I was pretty good at this MovNat thing but after spending the entire morning on stuff at which I suck, I felt pretty disappointed.  While it was awesome to be moving with, and at times next to Erwan, I walked away from day one a little down on myself since my sitting and squatting movements were pretty poor.  I can climb, run, jump, lift/carry, throw, and balance pretty well but I lack mobility and thus perform relatively poorly on some of the most simple movements.  However, I tried to take the most important lessons home with me that day which were to move “with a happy heart” and love myself.

Day 2 was much better for me as we did moves that were in my wheelhouse!  We spent lots of time working techniques in different planes (frontal, transverse) and combinations.  I enjoyed balancing while throwing and catching, as well as carrying in the inverted crawl position.   Just watching Erwan and Vic move and hearing them address nuances that make movement more efficient were extremely valuable!  I also really liked how Erwan talked about how MovNat is a “practice” (ala yoga) and that we should always move with mindfulness.

Day 3 was testing day!  We covered running and changing direction before being evaluated on our physical competence and coaching ability.  I was very confident in all of the techniques we’d practiced (thankfully we weren’t being tested on our deep squats!) but as always, balancing while nervous is hard!  I wasn’t proud of my performance on the 2×4’s that felt “like a mile long” but I still passed!  For the coaching component I was also very confident as I’ve been coaching many of these movements for almost 2 years now!  I performed well but still took home the MovNat coaching evaluation checklist that I refer to now when teaching new skills or as a general refresher.

This is one of those experiences that I will always remember!  I’m proud to call myself a MovNat Certified Trainer!  As always, the people teaching and taking this certification were awesome!  I got to meet some really cool folks from all over the country who are part of the MovNat community.  I learned a lot about my personal abilities, but also about my abilities as a coach.  In fact, I think I’m most proud of the fact that I helped my client/friend/partner, Chris Jardin earn his MCT Level 2!  Chris did awesome which made us laid-back dudes from RI look like we knew what we were doing!


Ryan, Erwan, Chris

Ryan, Erwan, Chris

Here are some scenes of family time while out there:


Chillin at the Airport




On Our Way to the Rio Grande!


Surprisingly Cool in New Mexico that Day



2015 Tough Mudder Summer Training!

2015 Winter Carry Down

We are back again folks!  Personally, I’m partial to the Neuty Winter Sessions, but I embrace the sweaty summer sessions as well!  Here are the details to prepare Los Neuty Osos for our next Tough Mudder Conquest:

Thursdays 7/9 – 9/24

6:30pm Rain or Shine!

Neutanconkanut Hill Park

675 Plainfield St. Providence, RI

Join the greatest team ever assembled, Los Neuty Osos!  We conquer Big Mudder as one unit with:


  • $199 (12 #epic sessions + 1 badass shirt)
  • $149 (current Osos)

Referral Program:

  • Get a friend to join – take $50 off!
  • Get two friends to join – take $100 off!
  • Get three friends to join – you train for free!


Why I Train Like a Maine-iac!

It’s bittersweet to write this post 6 months after our amazing lake vacation.  Living deeply in the winter, the long days and warm nights feel very far away, so hopefully reflecting on a week of active relaxation on the hot Little Sebago warms our souls.  I can almost remember the feeling of swimming in the warm open water!  Almost…Below are the movement-related highlights as I remember them:

  • Vacation started for me at 0300 on Saturday 8/23 when I left the driveway for Mount Washington.  I met up with my buddy Joel on the road in RI and my ole college friends Ben and Cali in the Pinkham Notch Parking Lot.  We hiked the Tuckerman Ravine Trail to the Summit in a few hours.  I’ve hiked Washington in the summer and spring, but have never felt so strong and comfortable!  Thank you Neuty!
Top of Tuck's

Top of Tuck’s

  • The next day was Tough Mudder Great Northeast!  It was cool to have the First Laidy, my dad, brother Tom, and sister Ali join me and Los Neuty Osos for the most relaxing Mudder yet!
Different Summit!

Different Summit!

  • Monday marked my first official swim of the vacation.  I had already been in the lake a bunch of times, but mostly for bathing and hadn’t gone exploring yet.  I started out with a nice 1/2 mile loop around 2 small islands.  It felt great to move without impact as I had 3 consecutive days of pretty intense activity (Friday before NH we hosted a birthday party – keeping up with over a dozen 9-year-old’s is extremely demanding!).  Here was my path to the lake…
  • Monday was also Men’s Lifting Night at WolfPack Fitness.  I reached out to the owner, Luke, a few weeks earlier.  He and his crew were so cool and accommodating for arguably the most awesome group exercise experience I ever had.  I knew it’d be badass when I stepped onto the  Pontoon Boat headed for “the island.”  Barefoot in the sand, we performed a challenging chain of MovNat and strength moves.  The cooldown?  A dip in the Androsoggin!  Then, my eye caught the rope swing.  It was pretty intimidating but I had to do it!  Luke guided me through climbing the ladder attached to the big tree, grabbing the rope and shuffling along a limb overhanging the river, then, Geronimo!  It was the perfect punctuation to an incredible night!

  • Tuesday was an easy swim day. We spent the day in Brunswick so I ended up going out later for one of the most enjoyable swims I’ve ever had.  I went for about 3/4 of a mile at sunset and completely took it in!  I kept thinking to myself, “you’re swimming in a beautiful lake during a summer sunset!”  It was perfect!
Excellent Scene for Night Swimming

Excellent Scene for Night Swimming

  • Wednesday we rented a paddleboard and explored the lake.  I always think of the “4 corners of the feet” and kettlebell mechanics when paddling.  It’s an extremely fun and effective workout!

DSCN1056 DSCN1058

  • Thursday we did more paddleboarding and I swam around the lake some more.  Laurie got her class at Wolfpack for Ladies Lifting night.


Ladies and Luke

Ladies and Luke R

  • Friday was the longest swim of the trip for me.  I did a 3 island loop that added up to about 1.25 miles.  I can’t stress enough how fun it is to swim (or move in general) for the pure act of enjoyment in lieu of treating it as training!  I also think that swimming ranks second in my list of favorite MovNat skills right below climbing.
  • Saturday we left the Lake for a friend’s house in NH.  We got together with a bunch of friends from high school and partied pretty hard.  As a result, the day involved little movement and lots of eating.
  •  Sunday was a blast!  We coordinated a canoe race between the men of the group.  We laid out a course (approximately 1 mile) and created some fun rules that I can only say involved certain challenges unrelated to physical fitness but rather mental acuity and tolerance to mind-altering substances.  In short, we won and it was the most fun I’ve ever had on a canoe!   Afterwards the competitions evolved to races and flips off the dock as well as lake bottom rocks/paper/scissors.  Classic adult behavior.
The Other Silver Lake

The Other Silver Lake

So on this cold winter’s day, we’re thankful that we are past half-way to seeing Summer again!

Beginner-friendly Classes!

We do our best to listen to our friends (except when they complain).  One thing that often comes up is people’s fear of trying certain classes because they look too intense.  While we’d like to remind folks that this is laid-back fitness, we understand that from the looks of some of our videos, our classes can be a little intimidating.  See below for an example:


Consequently, we’ve changed our group class schedule to feature beginner-friendly classes!

Details of our “Essentials Series” are below:

Ninja Essentials

  • Mondays 530pm

All levels!  We cover basic climbing, jumping/vaulting, and tumbling techniques to build strength and skills for our ninja obstacles!  This is perfect for all levels to build a ninja foundation or hone their techniques for our badass Wednesday class!  Kids are welcome too!

The video below shows examples scaling jumping/climbing skills:

OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) Essentials

  • Saturdays 830am

All levels!  We cover basic crawling, lifting/carrying, jumping, climbing, and balancing techniques to build strength and skills for our OCR obstacles!  This is perfect for all levels who plan to dominate events such as Tough Mudder, Spartan, BoldrDash, Tuff Scramblers, Battlefrog, etc.!   Kids are welcome too!

The video below shows examples of how we scale crawling techniques:

Repair and Restore Yoga

  • Mondays 530pm

All levels!  This class is designed to ignite curiosity and explore the anatomy of habitual movement patterns by unraveling and breathing into the “tweaky” areas of the body.  Each class uses slow, methodical movements and deep breathing to invite you back into your body. The class leaves you feeling refreshed, grounded and ready for a great night’s sleep!

Announcing the Mobile Skills Series!

We’ve carefully analyzed all of the new obstacles at Tough Mudder this year and have compiled a master list of MovNat techniques to dominate them!  Monthly 2-3 hour workouts at various locations will provide you with knowledge and practice of essential skills in context to utilize at Big Mudder, Spartan, Bold r Dash, or any other OCR you have planned this year!

Free for unlimited monthly members and current Neuty Osos!

Saturday 2/28 – Comprehensive Climbing

  • 1pm – 330pm
  • LbF Studio
  • 2800 Post Road. Warwick, RI 02886

2.5 hours should give us enough time to cover over 15 different techniques!

Saturday 4/4 – Crawling + Running, Jumping + Vaulting, Lifting + Carrying

  • 1pm – 4pm
  • Goddard Park Beach (home of the Frozen Clam!)
  • 1095 Ives Road. Warwick, RI 02818

3 hours of practice on the sand and in the trails. Optional dip afterwards if you want to build your Arctic Enema confidence!

Saturday 5/9 – Carrying + Crawling, Running + Swimming

  • 1pm – 4pm
  • Sand Dunes
  • Division Road. Coventry, RI

The epic dunes provide the perfect terrain for these OCR essentials!

Reserve your spot now!
Space will be limited!

Tough Mudder Winter Training – 4th Edition!

The Ravine is Open in the Winter!

The Ravine is Open in the Winter!

It’s about that time folks!  Big Mudder has stepped up their game with lots of cool-looking new obstacles!  This is exciting because they were getting a little soft!

Of course Los Neuty Osos will be ready to take the new features, as well as the #epic hills at Mount Snow!   We train the hills, skills, and teamwork drills to not just to complete the course, but rather roll through with a huge crew like a badasss, well-oiled, green (or maybe blue this year?) machine!

Good Days on the Hill Lead to a Good Day on the Mountain

Good Days on Hill =  Fun Day on Mountain

Read about the 100+ headbands we’ve already earned!

Here are the details of this year’s Conquest Preparation Program!

2/1/15 – 6/4/15

Sundays 9:30 AM @ Neuty
Thursdays 1:00PM @ LbF

1 session/week + shirt – $309
2 sessions/week + shirt – $465
Refer a friend for a $50 discount!


Osos Moving Through!



This Summit’s Fun Too!

Now let’s make some new memories!

Our Greatest Clam Yet!

Wow, if the 4th Annual Frozen Clam Dip was any indication, then 2015 truly is going to be #SuperEPIC!  We had a record number of swimmers and raised almost $8,000 for the RI Mentoring Partnership! Thank you for all of your support!  Next year, we are planning to do take the plunge to a whole new level!  Stay tuned…

Check out the Frozen Clam’s Facebook page for pictures, videos, and press coverage!

Here’s what East Greenwich Patch said about us!

Here’s what the Warwick Beacon had to say!

Scenes from the Clam:




presto strange-o

Thanks Presto Strange-O!


Thanks New England Grass Fed!

Thanks New England Grass Fed!

Thanks to our T-shirt sponsors!

  • Airhart Electric
  • Arrest-a-Pest
  • Atty. John Carroll
  • Balancing Act Bookkeeping
  • Bank RI
  • CMIT
  • Coastway
  • Cox Media
  • Martin Woodworks
  • McCormick Home Improvement
  • Ocean State Safety
  • Pariseault Builders
  • People’s Credit Union
  • Richard’s Pub/Ritrovo
  • Salter, McGowan, Sylvia, & Leonard Attorneys at Law
  • Sandra Peters Financial
  • Slocum Realty
  • Stephen T. Gentile, C.P.A.
  • Sunnyside Restaurant

Join us again on the beach for our Monthly Plunges!

Let’s Get Primal!

21 Day Primal Challenge!
Kickoff Meetings on 1/5/15 at 430pm or 730pm

Lots of us have been looking forward to getting back into the Primal Groove! Meetings on Monday will go over the details of the 21 day challenge designed to educate ourselves on the Primal way and incorporate healthy habits into our lifestyle.  The 21 Day Primal Challenge is not a weight loss challenge (although chances are you will shed a few).

The goals of these three weeks are to:

  • Eat well to feel well
  • Move to develop skill and improve strength
  • Walk to improve physical and mental health
  • Play to be a kid
  • Rest because you earned it
  • Get some sun (it’s still out there!)

Participants in the challenge will receive:

  • 15-20 minute presentation explaining the challenge
  • Weight + measurements
  • Daily journal to document your primal journey
  • 21 Day “checklist” to log all your essential primal activities
  • E-mail support (tips, tricks, success stories, etc.)
  • Approved Primal Shopping list
  • Abundant energy and infinite wisdom upon completion

$59 includes unlimited classes for 3 weeks!


Results Not Typical

You Don’t Have to Take it This Far!

(Note: if you’re currently a monthly member or have classes remaining on your package, then see Ryan to figure a plan. This can be applied to the 8 week Strength Program with Jamie.)

Frozen Clam 4.0!

The 4th Annual Dip is less than 4 weeks away!

If someone offered you a full day of warmth and fuzziness for just one minute of discomfort, would you accept?  Join me and a bunch of like-minded and highly-logical folks at Goddard Park on 1/1/15!  Once again we’ve partnered with our friends at Rhode Island Mentoring Partnership (RIMP) and are looking for teams of hearty souls to participate in the 4th Annual Frozen Clam Dip!  Last year, well over 100 people jumped into the frigid water at Goddard Park Beach in Warwick, raising over $5,000 for the RIMP!

This year we are happy to offer an incentive for the team with the most dippers to sign up! The largest team will get to enjoy the comforts of a heated tent at the event, where they can prepare themselves for the dip and dry off afterwards.

Please register here!

We are also looking for sponsors!  Are you or someone you know looking for an excellent year-end charitable contribution opportunity?  Please contact us for more details!

Want a practice dip?  Join me and a few fellow Frozen Clams on 12/14/14 at 12pm at Goddard!




3rd Annual Thanksgiving Festivities!

Our Thanksgiving Tradition is back and better than ever!  This year we’re giving our friends options for celebrating with us!  We’ll have the “Kitchen Sink” Circuit as always, but the Ultimate Frisbee and Plunge events are new!  Read on for more info!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • You get to choose: the inside “Kitchen Sink” circuit with Super Dave or the Inaugural Ultimate Frisbee game with Ryan at the LbF Beach!
  • Whether you’re in or out, meet at the studio at 0930!
  • Semi-optional plunge at Gorton Pond after Frisbee Game!  Peer pressure will be strong but it’s better than our initial idea of making the losing team plunge!
  • Bring non-perishable food!
  • Wear your bathing suit and bring a towel if you’re playing frisbee!
thanksgiving (2)

Whoa That’s A Lot of Stations!



The Water Looks Inviting!



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