What We Offer

At the LbF Fitness Center/Playground, we specialize in fun and challenging workouts using practical “equipment” while focusing on skill development and efficiency of fundamental human movements. We work one-to-one (or small groups) in a semi-private environment, but also train at the Laid-back Forest, the infamous Neuty Hillthe beachthe sand dunes, the park, etc. What kind of equipment do we have? The answer is nothing you’re accustomed to seeing in your average gym, but everything that translates well into the “real world.” For example, we utilize Balance Beams, ropes of all kinds and purposes, Atlas Stones, Suspension Equipment (USA), ViPRs, Sandbags, Heavy Ropes, Slosh Tubes,  Kettlebells, Heavy Bags, Balance Board, Parallettes, rock climbing holds, a huge heavy tire, monkey bars, a cargo net, a ring traverse, Tough Mudder Obstacles, Ninja Warrior Obstacles and more!

Private Personal Training

  • Philosophy: eat, move, play and rest as humans were programmed (with compromises made based on one’s hobbies and personal priorities).
  • Goals for clients: improve body composition, reduce risk of injury by improving posture and flexibility, develop more agility and athleticism, improve performance, and increase body awareness with all means to the end goal of the highest quality of life for as long as possible!
  • Methodology: establish/improve healthy eating habits preferably from local and natural sources, guide clients through challenging and unpredictable workouts, and teach “skill” of different movements with emphasis on safe and efficient form.

Group Exercise Classes for Adults and Children

  • Schedule, rates, and class descriptions are detailed on our Class Schedule Tab!

Tough Mudder Training Programs

  • Train with “Los Neuty Osos” in the Winter or the Summer for Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet!

Bold r Dash Training Programs

Kids (or Adults) Parties

  • The healthy and fun option for your little ones!  Adults are welcome to play along too!

21 Day “Primal” Challenges

Marathon and 1/2 Marathon Training Plans

Fun and Cost Effective Home Gyms

Referral Program

  • Free Personal Training Session if your referral purchases a Personal Training Package!
  • Free Group Exercise Class if your referral purchases a Group Exercise Package!
  • Free Week of Group Exercise Classes if your referral purchases a Group Exercise Monthly Membership!

2 Comments on “What We Offer

  1. Cool site cuz, really good stuff. I read that article, very eye opening!

  2. Just previewed website. Lots of good information on diet and exercise.. Competed in Wrentham Duathlon yesterday feeling a little tired today!!

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