Helpful Videos

We’ve created this page for our clients and our fans who can’t make it to the studio.  Check out these videos to experience LbF at your place, on the road, or show off at your “regular” fitness center!

Joint Mobility:

Wrist Circles, Elbow Bends, Wave ’em In, Shoulder Rolls, Neck 1/2 Circles, Foot Wakeups, Leg Swings, Lat Leg Swings, Hip Circles, Trunk Twists.


LbF Warmup:

MovNat and Ido Portal Influenced!
10 reps per movement of: Stepping Over, Stepping Under, Figure 4’s, Swing – Figure 4, Figure 4 – Tall Split Kneeling, Rocking, Rock – 1/2 Getup, Rock – Full Getup, Deep Kneeling – Tall Kneeling, Deep Kneeling – Tall 1/2 Kneeling, Deep Kneeling – Standing, Ido Portal Squat Routine 2.0 aka “Squats of Fire!”, Squats, Pushups


Tuck Jump/Hurdle:


Lifting, lapping, and shouldering:


Hanging Complex Variations:


The LbF Real Deal Kettlebell Complex featured on Fleser Fitness!


Rhode Show 6/25/12 – Slosh Tube Workout

Rhode Show 6/13/12No Equipment Workout

LbF on Live TV!  Rhode Show 3/26/12 – Easy Exercises to Get You Moving

The Frozen Clam!  1/1/2012 as seen here and here.


Published Press:

“Let’s Move Like Kids and Eat Like Adults!” in RI Fit Mag!

“Exercise?  That Was So Last Year!” in RI Fit Mag!

“The Frozen Clam 3.0! in the Providence Journal!

“Keeping Fit at the Office” in Rhode Island Small Business Journal!

Warwick love from the Beacon.



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