Our Team

Ryan McGowan

Our founder is a has-been athlete/ironman turned Primal. In March 2009, he stumbled across an article that rocked his world. After reading (and re-reading) this convincing piece, he reduced his training significantly, altered his eating style, and became healthier and fitter than ever!  Inspired by this way of living, combined with a growing disenchantment with the commercial construction industry, Ryan walked away from his career to pursue his passion full time in 2010!  His engineering brain still gets stimulation through analyzing mechanics of human movement, designing practical training regimens, and building fun and new “equipment” to play on!  

When it comes to training, Ryan is a minimalist!  He prides himself on creating efficient programs for his clients (and teammates) so they can participate in events of any distance with the least amount of time and mileage investment.  His style is strongly influenced by Erwan LeCorre of MovNat and Dr. Nicolas Romanov of the POSE method.  He is RI’s only certified MovNat trainer and recently completed World’s Toughest Mudder!

As far as helping his clients become healthier and improve their body composition, Ryan shares with them the Weston Price philosophy and the Primal Blueprint.  He also encourages his clients to participate in mud runs to put their skills and fitness levels to the test. Having a good body is nice, but he believes we should use it in addition to just showing it off!

Ryan Marine Hurdle

Laurie McGowan

Also known as the First Laidy, Laurie is a hairstylist in Providence who maintains a healthy and sexy body without much exercise at all! Although her adaptation to primal living was somewhat forced upon her when she moved into the cave, she embraced the food aspect and became very involved in preparing meals. Laurie teaches our Basic Training and Laid-back Mamas Classes.  You’ll also see Laurie participating in a kettlebell class, but will mostly read about her delicious recipes, as well as gear reviews, tips for grocery shopping, and more!

LM mud

Michaela Foulkes

Kettlebella” tought Ryan everything he knows about kettlbells!  When she was first introduced to Russian kettlebells in 2006, she found them to be the perfect alternative to traditional weight lifting. Since then, she’s has been professionally and successfully training individuals to use kettlebells ever since. Her approach is patient, focused on form, and she instructs clients to listen to and trust the feedback they get from their bodies. Her goal is to make workouts fun, challenging and effective.

Michaela has her personal training certification through the American Muscle and Fitness Institute and received individual kettlebell training through a local apprenticeship program. Since 1999, Michaela has also practiced as a licensed massage therapist, and is the owner of Still Point Massage on the east side of Providence.  There she works w/ people to understand the root cause of their discomfort & additionally offers assistance around whole health support & prevention of premature aging.


Courtney McCarthy

Courtney was first introduced to LbF in the summer of 2012 after a mutual friend shared a KB special online. She was training for her first half marathon at the time and the traditional gym route was not getting results. She began training on the epic hill at Neutaconkanut Park and immediately embraced the laid-back approach and the teamwork aspect involved in obstacle course races and the training that comes with it. It was from there that she joined Los Neuty Osos in their second ever BoldrDash. From there Courtney wanted to continue challenging herself and signed up for Tough Mudder less than a year later. Courtney now has 3 Tough Mudders, 2 half marathons, and multiple other obstacle course races under her belt, with more to follow. She has since graduated to trainer and is teaching ART class every other Thursday at 6:30PM. You can also catch her Saturday mornings at 8:30AM teaching “The Works” class.



Kristan Moffett

Kristan began going to LbF after a friend brought her to a kettlebell class in April of 2013.  Shortly after that she started attending classes regularly and even began training on the hill for Tough Mudder that upcoming summer. She soon realized she loved the group of people training, along with Ryan’s style of training and signed up for her first Tough Mudder in August of 2013! Since then she has completed a second Tough Mudder and has already signed up for her third. She has also participated in a relay half marathon with fellow LbF’er Courtney McCarthy, and looks forward to many more races in the future. After a year and half of coming to the gym she decided to join the LbF team and now teaches classes every other Thursday at 630 pm and runs the 930 ART class Saturday mornings.

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