Our Team

Ryan McGowan

Our founder is a has-been athlete/ironman turned Primal. In March 2009, he stumbled across an article that rocked his world. After reading (and re-reading) this convincing piece, he reduced his training significantly, altered his eating style, and became healthier and fitter than ever!  Inspired by this way of living, combined with a growing disenchantment with the commercial construction industry, Ryan walked away from his career to pursue his passion full time in 2010!  His engineering brain still gets stimulation through analyzing mechanics of human movement, designing practical training regimens, and building fun and new “equipment” to play on!  

When it comes to training, Ryan is a minimalist!  He prides himself on creating efficient programs for his clients (and teammates) so they can participate in events of any distance with the least amount of time and mileage investment.  His style is strongly influenced by Erwan LeCorre of MovNat and Dr. Nicolas Romanov of the POSE method.  He is RI’s only certified MovNat trainer and recently completed World’s Toughest Mudder!

As far as helping his clients become healthier and improve their body composition, Ryan shares with them the Weston Price philosophy and the Primal Blueprint.  He also encourages his clients to participate in mud runs to put their skills and fitness levels to the test. Having a good body is nice, but he believes we should use it in addition to just showing it off!

TM Monkey Bars

Laurie McGowan

Also known as the First Laidy, Laurie is a hairstylist in Providence who maintains a healthy and sexy body without much exercise at all! Although her adaptation to primal living was somewhat forced upon her when she moved into the cave, she embraced the food aspect and became very involved in preparing meals. Laurie teaches our Basic Training and Laid-back Mamas Classes.  You’ll also see Laurie participating in a kettlebell class, but will mostly read about her delicious recipes, as well as gear reviews, tips for grocery shopping, and more!

LM mud

Dave DeCamp

“Super Dave” weighed 333 lbs in the Summer of 2011. At the time he was taking 7 different medications and was dealing with: Type 2 Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, and Acid Reflux. Like many people, he had already tried several different diets, weight loss programs, personal trainers, dieticians, gym memberships, and anything else that sounded like it would work.

After losing about 40 lbs, Dave hit a plateau in the fall of 2011 and was looking for a solution. It was then he met Ryan and was introduced to the paleo/primal philosophy. After a bit of skepticism, Dave adopted this lifestyle and immediately began losing more weight! Since the winter of 2011/12 Dave lost another 50lbs, and got off all his medications! Currently his blood pressure and blood sugar levels are normal, his sleep apnea is non-existent, and he no longer deals with the discomfort of acid reflux! As of July 2012 Dave’s weight is down to 248 lbs and he has completed 3 Tough Mudders, including a “Double Mudder” weekend at Tough Mudder New England #2!

Dave is happily married to his beautiful wife, Maureen, and has three wonderful stepchildren. With their new bodies and increased energy levels, he and Maureen (who has lost 25lbs since the winter of 2011/12) now spend their time outside being part of the world rather than watching other people live their lives on television.

Michaela Foulkes

Kettlebella” tought Ryan everything he knows about kettlbells!  When she was first introduced to Russian kettlebells in 2006, she found them to be the perfect alternative to traditional weight lifting. Since then, she’s has been professionally and successfully training individuals to use kettlebells ever since. Her approach is patient, focused on form, and she instructs clients to listen to and trust the feedback they get from their bodies. Her goal is to make workouts fun, challenging and effective.

Michaela has her personal training certification through the American Muscle and Fitness Institute and received individual kettlebell training through a local apprenticeship program. Since 1999, Michaela has also practiced as a licensed massage therapist, and is the owner of Still Point Massage on the east side of Providence.  There she works w/ people to understand the root cause of their discomfort & additionally offers assistance around whole health support & prevention of premature aging.


Jon and Sue O’Hara, Centric Power Fitness

CPF was born as an idea to bring our love of fitness, nutrition, and friendly competition to those who strive to become better athletes. We believe through proper instruction, and short, high intensity workouts the human body is capable of things that most don’t believe possible. Body weight exercise, kettlebells, power and Olympic lifts, and a few surprises formatted in short intervals scaleable to all levels will put you in the best shape of your life, and give you that extra spring in your step to carry you through your day. We look forward to sharing this passion with YOU!

Susan O’Hara, Owner and Lead Trainer, has 40 years of physical fitness to her merit. Sue started at a young age as a competitive swimmer. Eventually becoming a collegiate rower at Florida Tech, she competed in National events up and down the East Coast, including the Dad Vails in Philadelphia and The Head of the Charles in Boston. She has challenged herself in numerous running events from the 5K to the Marathon, as well as various triathlons. She can’t seem to stay out of the water, and enjoys US Masters swim meets at Harvard University, and open water swimming. She began practicing CrossFit in early 2011 and earned her CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate in the Spring of 2013. Clients who train with Sue know she is a true powerhouse with a desire to bring her students to the next level.

Jon O’Hara, a self described ‘reformed couch potato’, is Co-owner and part time trainer at Centric Power Fitness. Jon began his journey with physical fitness at the age of 28. Returning from the basement and completely out of breath from the 12 stair climb, Sue politely suggested to him that he do something to get back into shape. Taking her advice, Jon strapped on a pair of running shoes and within 4 years ran his first marathon. Fourteen years since that basement stair climb, Jon has run 8 marathons including two Newport Amica Marathons, Cox Providence, Anchorage, Alaska, Walt Disney World, and The Boston Marathon in 2011. He is an accomplished member of the Rhode Island Road Runners, and has many overall and age group wins to his credit. Jon began CrossFit in 2011 and earned his Level 1 Trainer Certificate in the Spring of 2012.

Centric Power Fitness would love to help you achieve your fitness and life goals. Please fell free to drop by a class and see what we’re all about. We think you’ll agree that we’re a great addition to the Laid-back Family!



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