Announcing the 21 Day Summer Primal Challenge!

There are so many reasons to go Primal!  Personally, I made the lifestyle shift in March of 2009 and have yet to find anything that works better or makes more sense to me!  Rather than convince you why it’s the best, I recommend giving it a try!

The 21 Day Primal Challenge is not a weight loss challenge (although chances are you will shed a few).  The goals of these three weeks are to:

  • Eat well to feel well
  • ›Exercise to develop skill and improve conditioning – not operate machinery
  • ›Walk to improve mental and physical health
  • ›Play to be a kid
  • ›Rest because you earned it
  • ›Get some sun

So what’s the plan of attack?

The 21 day challenge starts on Monday 6/4/12 with a short presentation at 11:30am, 4pm and 8pm at the LbF Human Strength and Skill Development World Headquarters.  Participants in the challenge will receive:

  • 10-15 minute presentation explaining the goals and methods of the challenge
  • Weight + measurements taken and recorded
  • Daily Meal Guide
  • 21 Day “checklist” to log all your essential primal activities
  • Approved Primal Shopping list
  • Special class and personal training session rates!

Program Options:

  • Entry + 1 class per week – $59
  • Entry + 2 classes per week – $79
  • Entry + 3 personal training sessions – $99
  • Note: classes also include Summer Tough Mudder Program

Email Ryan to reserve your spot now!

climbing results not typical

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