Active Rest – Florida/Bahamas Style

It’s been tough to get the time and energy needed for a solid WOD lately.  So unlike most vacations where rest was the main focus, getting the HR up at least a couples times was a big time priority.  In between tons of walking and swimming, I hit a couple solid ones…

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1..  Yoga at the FL hotel and on the Bahamian sand – 2 x 30 minute routines learned from Auntie Rosie at YSSC.

2.   Yellow Elder Strength WOD

  • Warmup – some hip mobility drills, pushups, pullups, + some feeler sets…
  • Deadlift – all sets of 3 using the ol’ Perfect Rep method: 225, 235, 245, 255, 265, 275, 285
  • Clean + push press – 135×5, 5, 3

That was a much needed cleansing sweat during a week of the vacation nutrition plan!

3.  A brief (and extremely graceful) climb for breakfast…

Overall less than what I had hoped but more than I’ve done in a while.  At the end of the week, the expected vacation weight gain did not arrive thanks to these WODs and some IF in the mix.

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